Sunday, March 24, 2013

[twelve bands]



I generally credit The Vandals, AFI, and Rancid as the three first bands I got into completely on my own and also as the first bands I liked that had never been on the radio at the time [in 1997/1998]. I didn’t really like AFI back then apart from one or two songs until I heard Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes and Black Sails in the Sunset in 1999, but Rancid and The Vandals I just adored the second I heard them. I listened to ...And Out Come the Wolves for months on repeat. I had Let Go as well, but ...Wolves was incredible to me. I’d never heard of ‘ska’ before I got into Rancid and I couldn’t figure out what the hell a ‘moon stomper’ was. Their songs are still, so many years later, just some of the best songs in the world to me and ...Wolves will forever be one of my favourite albums of all time. Tim Armstrong was my biggest crush throughout my teen years. Rancid have been for many years and still are the number one band I want to see live that I have yet to be able to. Seeing Roots Radicals or Ruby Soho or She’s Automatic live would complete my life.

When the music hits, I feel no pain at all

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