Thursday, March 21, 2013

[twelve bands]


The Living End

Oh, what to say about these boys? This is the band that I would be most upset about breaking up; I’m actually genuinely concerned about how devastated I will be when that happens. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them live. I have seen them 20 times now and each time is just as perfect; the passion in which they play each show and every single song is incomparable to any other band.

They can play an album a night in every city in Australia and never lose their incredible showmanship. They can do a signing at a record store in 2006 in Perth and it’s 40 degrees outside, much less how hot it was in the upstairs of the store, and they can be lovely and kind to each person that comes through to meet them. I can put a six-pack of beer in front of them at the very end, because I purposely wanted to be the last one in the line, and Andy’s facial expression when he reacted to that can still make me laugh today. A bunch of fans can be waiting outside The Rosemount being total dorks and Chris can come and look over the balcony at us, just watching without anyone else realising, notice me trying-to-be-subtle smiling up at him, raise his hand and wave at me with his lovely smile, then laugh as everyone else notices me wave back. Scott can come downstairs at the venue after playing Roll On live in full for the first time and have a beer with a bunch of the fans and be so sweet when I tell him the two guys I was with are too shy to ask to have a photo with him; Andy can compliment Simone on her jacket and say “That’s fucking awesome” when he looks at the photo of the three of us laughing after a guy photo-bombed our first photo and talk with me about how amazing King Cannons are; Chris can put his arm around my waist for a normal photo and act like it’s totally normal and amusing when I say, “Wait, can we do something really weird and act like Japanese tourists?” and do the most perfect Japanese-tourist facial expression ever.

I will never not see these guys live every chance I get and support them in everything they do, because not only do I find their live shows incredible, but I think they are some of the most generous and kind-hearted musicians in existence. I can’t imagine coping with my life without the absolute happiness I get from seeing them play.

Somewhere beneath the laughter, the anger begins to affect her
Timid like a Chinese whisper, calm like a needle in the eye of a twister

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