Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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16 years after I fell in love with Violet ten seconds into hearing it for the first time and I don’t find anyone more inspirational in the music world than Courtney Love; a fact that most people don’t understand and think is slightly ridiculous. When I got into the ‘punk’ music scene and opinions, it became extremely apparent that it was a boy’s world. And still is. Most of the girls in the punk-type bands get nothing but shit from the majority of the punk scene. And I find this endlessly frustrating, just as I did when I first ‘found’ punk music. The thing that attracted me to Courtney in the first place is not only was she a female in the punk/alternative world, not only did she put up with endless crap about her husband who killed himself and left her alone to raise her daughter, but she screamed as a female. She didn’t try to emulate the boys and their bands and their lyrics. She wrote lyrics about being pregnant, love, rape. She wore pretty dresses, but she also played guitar and screamed at the same time. Ask me as a 27 year old female who still loves a lot of punk music and I will still say that Courtney is incredibly important and needed in that scene for girls, even the ones that just listen to the music at the age of 12 from a little city in Australia.

If you live through this with me, I swear that I will die for you

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