Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[twelve bands]


Darren Hayes (including Savage Garden)

Savage Garden was my first introduction to real ‘pop’ music that I truly loved. I never really liked a lot of other pop music pre-2001, not because it was “popular” or mainstream, but because it just never appealed to me like the passion of a lot of punk/metal/rock music did. I think Darren Hayes is one of the most incredible songwriters in existence and very few people can write a true beautiful pop song like he can. His lyrics and melodies always make me happy, even if they’re sad songs. I can still listen to Violet and Affirmation on repeat, 16 and 14 years after I first heard them. I still adore the lyrics of Spin, find Crush (1980 Me) awesome, The Tension and the Spark is still one of my favourite albums ever, On the Verge of Something Wonderful and Me Myself & I can make me dance no matter what mood I’m in, The Future Hold’s a Lion’s Heart is amazing, the lyrics to Don’t Give Up and Hurt can make me cry and make me fall in love with pop music all over again at the same time. I will never not adore Darren Hayes, his music, and defend him to all the ridiculous haters, because he’s extremely talented and lovely.

I like the way you move in the dark

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  1. Ooh I'd been reading your series on twelve bands for a while and was hoping Darren would come soon. He's an incredible songwriter and his music moves me in a way no other does.